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Over Ear


Silent Disco

One of the most popular uses for Over Ear headphones is for Silent Disco. Traditional set up is with 2 DJs battling for attention.

The Over Ear system now allows as many as 4 different DJs to play at once.

Over Ear offered the world's first folding Silent Disco headphones, and now also offer rechargeable headphones with LED lights to really light up the dance floor.

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Outdoor cinema

At festivals, holiday resorts and gardens the Over Ear system is the perfect audio solution for hundreds of simultaneous viewers.

With up to 4 channels, it’s possible to show different films simultaneously, or offer soundtrack in multiple languages. Anyone can listen to any channel at any volume.


Take the gym to the beach, up a mountain or in a park. With totally wireless Over Ear options you can literally have a class, or share a playlist anywhere. Now that’s a fitness first.

Over Ear offer a choice of rechargeable transmitter or self contained headset transmitter to enable classes anywhere.

Sports Events.

Over Ear Headphones allow you to supply commentary anywhere, or even a choice of a commentators using the multiple channels.

Guided Tours

Using an Over Ear headset transmitter and wireless headphones, it’s easy to offer walking tours where everyone can hear what’s going on, even with a choice of languages.

Other uses

Whether it's a play area for the kids, a bar on the beach or an outdoor terrace, Over Ear headphones can offer an extra dimension. Choose your soundtrack, hear a movie or listen to a story. Connect any audio and use them anywhere.