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Over Ear


Headphone Disco Events

Over Ear wireless headphones are the ultimate way of enjoying Silent Disco and Headphone Disco parties. From small bars to huge festival events, Over Ear products are delighting consumers around the world.

With outstanding sonic performance, and options including amazing LED lights, rechargeable headphones and up to 4 channels, Over Ear are sure to offer the perfect system for you.

Sports Bars

For showing lots of different sports on multiple screens, Over Ear systems are your perfect partner. Each customer can choose what to listen to from up to 4 different sources.

Cinema and Films

Over Ear headphones have proven to be first choice for showing films, particularly where external noise proves a nuisance.

Children's Entertainment

From puppet shows to story telling, Over Ear headphones see a huge array of different uses – all with simple set up, and the convenience of using anywhere.

Flexibility comes as standard – use the same headphones for kids stories in the morning, films in the afternoon, multi lingual presentations in the evening and for a Silent Disco at night.

Plus you can expand your system anytime you want.