making all the right sounds...
Over Ear



With Over Ear headphones, music can be enjoyed anywhere without disturbance and without any more fights about what to listen to!

Up to 4 different audio sources can be connected, so everyone can choose exactly what to listen to, and enjoy the freedom of listening around the house or garden.


Problem neighbours or sleeping kids can mean having to keep the TV volume down. With Over Ear headphones, you can listen wirelessly as loud as you want.


The latest games have stunning sound effects. Explosions and cars racing sound amazing – when you’re playing, but to everyone else they can become a bit annoying… Over Ear headphones will solve the problem. Those playing can enjoy the thrill of the sound, everyone else enjoys peace and quiet.

Everything at once

The Over Ear system is designed to let you do it all at once. 4 channels of audio means you can connect a games console, a laptop, a tv and an ipod all at once. You can choose what to listen to, and switch anytime.