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Over Ear


Over Ear wireless headphone systems are currently in use at schools, colleges and Universities around the world.

Simple to set up, robust and amazing performance have made Over Ear systems the first choice for problem solving, unique educational experiences and entertainment.


Where there's a listening element to an exam or class, students need the best possible opportunity.

The Over Ear system means acoustic problems like large halls, echo and external distractions are a thing of the past.

Language classes

Over Ear headphones allow language students to listen to recorded audio or live speech with clarity, comfort and convenience.

Each student has their own volume control, and multiple channels mean different languages can be broadcast within 1 room.

Guided tours

The Over Ear headset system ensures nobody misses anything on a walking tour. Multiple channels mean multiple guides can commentate in different languages at the same time.

Dance classes

Over Ear headphones featured on TV shows “So you think you can dance” and are now a fixture in leading dance colleges. Practice anywhere and put on unique events.


Research centres including Oxford University now use Over Ear systems to conduct a variety of audio based experiments, including behavioural research.

Artistic projects

Over Ear headphones have been part of many art installations, including audio visual experiences at the Barbican, London and CCA Glasgow. Creative groups have also incorporated them in diverse uses such as performance art at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and 3D Cinema at Brighton Fringe Festival.

Social, community and entertainment

Fun without noise sounds impossible, but has become a reality with the Over Ear system. Youth clubs, and common rooms now enjoy music without causing a disturbance, even during class time.

Multiple channels mean no more disagreements over who’s playlist to listen to. As many as 4 iPods can all be connected at the same time.