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Over Ear


Over Ear products have a variety of uses in the corporate field.


In a noisy, busy exhibition hall, Over-Ear wireless headphones enable exhibitors to maximize their impact.

Over Ear headphones have enabled major TV and Gaming companies to immerse customers in their audio experience without distraction.

Suggested system – 10 headphones/mains pro.

Multiple language Presentations

Over Ear wireless headphones can be used for entertainment, education and problem solving.

At exclusive Car launches, the Over Ear system has allowed customers to offer full, live audio commentary in multiple languages simultaneously.

Using 4 mains pro transmitters and OEB1 headphones, 4 languages can be broadcast at the same time.

The Over Ear headset allows completely mobile events.

Product launches.

For a really memorable event, Over Ear headphones ensure your clients have a multi sensory experience – and something to think about.

At a very successful Wines of Argentina event Oxford University Professors conducted a fascinating experiment – what effect does different music have on the taste of your wine?

The Over-Ear system allowed participants to seamlessly switch music at their leisure.

Suggested system – OE 30 headphone system.