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Over Ear

You only need one Over Ear Transmitter for each channel of audio you wish to broadcast, regardless of how many headphones you have.

You can use any combination of transmitters – all the same type, or a mixture for broadcasting to any number of wireless headphones like Bob and Harry.



Robin is a headset transmitter with a built in microphone that will talk to wireless headphones Bob and Harry.
Robin is rechargeable, sleek, portable and hands free.
Perfect for outdoor events including sports instruction, tour guides and educational requirements.

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Donkey is the trustworthy transmitter at the centre of your system.
C-Donkey comes with all the power and audio cables you need to connect to DJ’s, Laptops, MP3 players, phones, DVD players and everything you need.
Choose one of 3 channels A, B or C to transmit on, and Donkey will carry your music to thousands of headphones.

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Owl is a transmitter designed with at let you go anywhere and do anything.
With an internal rechargeable battery yet small enough to fit in your pocket you can transmit where you choose, without needing a mains supply.
Owl comes with all the cables you need, and can work directly from the mains, or after 4 hours of charging will run for 5 hours.

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